• Mung Flour - 2 cups
• White Rice Flour - 1 cup
• Black Treacle (melted juggery can be used too.) - 1L
• White flour for the batter - 2 cups





• Mix well the two flour and add a pinch of salt.
• Boil the honey (treacle) well, (once you try to pour it, it should form a thick line like a thread.
• That is the correct point to add flour into it.)
• Keep one cup of boiled treacle aside.
• Always make sure that you have extra 1 cup of flour in case the mixture gets too watery.
• Once the flour + treacle is mixed well, dust a board with white flour and spread the mixture on a board and cut diamond shapes or whatever the shape you like.
• Add coconut milk to the other 2 cups of white flour and make a thick batter - a little thicker than for kokis.
• Dip the diamond shape kawun in the batter and deep fry them.