• Hulankeeriya flour
  • Small amount of salt
  • Coconut milk



• Hulankeeriya flour can be prepared by grinding of dried Hulankeeriya tubers or collect sediment of ground Hulankeeriya in water

Preparation of ground Hulankeeriya in water

• Clean Hulankeeriya tubers and grind well
• Take a clay pot and fill water into it
• Put a cloth on top of the clay pot
• Add ground Hulankeeriya tuber onto the cloth slightly touching the water on the brim
• Allow  the Hulankeeriya tuber flour to sediment at the bottom of the pot
• Remove excess water and recover the sediment

• Add coconut milk and salt to Hulankeeriya flour
• Stir continuously and heat until the coconut milk comes to a boil

R. Beby Nona
Wakirigala, Galathara