Day 02 - 24th May 2019

Technical session 3 on Agrobiodiversity for Human health & livelihood development

  • Best Oral presenter-Mr SAT Lakshan for the abstract titled Antioxidant properties of selected pigmented and white long grain rice varieties of Sri Lanka at market available polishing rates

  • Best Poster presenter-Ms RMJN Samarathunga for the abstract titled A comparative study to develop calcium, zinc and antioxidant rich drinking yoghurts using plant and pharmaceutical sources

Technical session 4 on Agrobiodiversity for Impact on ecosystem services and climate change adaptation

  • Best Oral presenter-Ms P Malathy for the abstract titled Adaptability of selected lablab and winged bean varieties to diverse ecosystems in Sri Lanka

  • Best Poster presenter- Ms KN Opatha for the abstract titled Study of salinity levels and impact of salt water intrusion on coastal paddy areas of wet zone of Sri Lanka

Technical session 5 on Agrobiodiversity for policies, economies, marketing and value chains and industrial opportunities

  • Best Oral presenter-Mr PHMGC Priyadharsana for the abstract titled Pytochemical screening and analysis of anti glycation activity of developed herbal tea with Gooseberry, Ginger, Coriander

  • Best Poster presenter- Ms SC Ranasinghe for the abstract titled The economic value of care role of women: A case in Kandyan home gardens, Sri Lanka

Symposium which has been conducted for two days with the participation of eminent scientists’ researchers’ agriculturists and young budding scientists of respective thematic areas developed a platform to appreciate agrobiodiversity and to share a wider knowledge among each other.